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Field Trips


Johnsville teachers typically plan two to three field trips per grade each school year. Field trips provide fun, hands-on learning experiences at a variety of locations throughout the metro area. Funds raised by the Johnsville PTO help cover field trip transportation costs. Field trip details are communicated by teachers to parents. 

Science Fair

January 24, 2024

Students in fourth and fifth grade have the option of competing in the annual Johnsville Science Fair. Each experiment must follow the steps of the scientific method (Question, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analyze, Report). 

Track and Field

TBD - End of May

Each spring, all Johnsville students have the fun of participating in track and field events. Competitions include the classics such as the long jump and distance run as well as a football toss, soccer kick and jump roping. The event is held at Roosevelt Middle School and parents are encouraged to attend and cheer on their child. 

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